• Designed for cement and lime renders
• Resistant to alkalis in cement and lime products
• Reduces shrinkage cracks
• Reduces labour costs
• 13 micron filaments are invisible at the surface
• Easy to handle
• Improved distribution within the render, due to similar densities
• “3-Dimesional” reinforcement
• Higher tensile strength than steel or traditional concrete fibres
• One 200g bag sufficient for 6-18m2, depending on render thickness (5-15mm)

Dosage :

Premixed single coat renders 200g per 100kg of render
Site mixed render 200g per 25kg of cement

Notes :

Fibratec Walls should be omitted from the final (visible) layer when a tooled or scraped finish is to be used.
Fibratec Walls should be added to the mixer as the final component and then mixed for 1-2 minutes to thoroughly disperse.